What our users are saying about YouTube™ AdBlock

"When I need to catch up on my favorite tv shows I can watch them on YouTube with no ads."

Alisha Q.

"So happy I found YouTube AdBlock my music plays without ads interrupting."

R. Miller

"You need YouTube AdBlock. I can watch cute dog videos without interruptions."

Mike N.

"Getting news from my home country of India is easy now. YouTube AdBlock helps a lot."

Kabir B.

"I like to work out with online videos without being bothered by ads. YouTube AdBlock works!"

Sean D.

"Watching YouTube cooking shows and there are annoying ads. YouTube AdBlock takes care of them."

Grant H.

"When playing YouTube music by the pool with friends, it really stops the party when commercials keep coming up. Pick a YouTube AdBlock plan and get your party on."


"I really enjoying poking around on YouTube without all the ads popping up constantly."

T. Johnson

"YouTube AdBlock makes listening to YouTube music more relaxing."

The Boxer

"This subscription is a reasonable price for what it is doing."

Trevor Johnson

"I am so happy with my purchase. Thank you!"


"The best of the ones that I tried."


"I looked at a lot of ad blockers before buying this one. For the price and coverage, you can't beat it!"



Sheila W.

"Surfing is a breeze now."


"I don't need to be annoyed by ads when looking for recipes and your product stopped them."

Mimi Box

"My time is limited and YouTube AdBlock helps me."

Alec Russo

"Finally I can read the news and not be bothered."

B. Anton

"My PC seems faster and pages are displayed quicker when YouTube AdBlock is running."

Eleanor G.


John T.

"No more ads on my blogs! Thank you!"

Mario E.